French Connection Tripple Threat

Posted on Jun 6, 2013


Our good friends at French Connection Films are holding a screening of their latest films.         Always a blast to collaborate in post with this talented bunch !

Colour timing by Will Cyr

The Films :

Merus Breach

In a dystopic future, sound technology is used to clean the air and water at the cost of the world’s most gifted artists.


Phoenix is a young wild man living in the forest. One day, he discovers a city, where his curiosity leads him and he encounters the people of the night. - Phoenix est un jeune homme sauvage qui vit dans la foret. Un jour, il fait la découverte d’une ville où sa curiosité va le mener et lui faire rencontrer les gens de la nuit.


Set in the 1960′s, the film begins with what looks like a day steeped in the mundane. Time, space and the laws of physics begin to shift as our character experiences some kind of awakening. Unchained explores questions of fate, free will and our ability to escape an unwanted future.