No matter the platform, screen size, or audience, we love telling stories.

We create original content for a variety of mediums and clients.

Production Services

With over 30 hours of broadcast credits, we provide production services for short films, commercials, interstitials, documentary and dramatic series. From concept, to production management, to directing and shooting, we can accompany you through the production process from beginning to end.

Post-Production Services

  • Offline and Online editing
  • Colour timing
  • 2D / 3D motion graphics
  • Packaging and Mastering
  • Post-production management
  • Stock licensing

We value the importance of Multi-Platform availability.

We have experience developing projects with:

Bilingual Services

We offer translation and versioning services at all levels of production.
Nous offrons des services de traduction et d’adaptation à toutes les étapes de production. Tous nos services sont également offerts en français. Nous collaborons régulièrement avec plusieurs organismes francophones.

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